PLC programming is our core competency and the fundamental backbone of a Robust Control System.  

While most programmers use techniques to make their job easy, we focus on the end users who are running the machine and the maintenance personnel who are supporting it. We are firm believers in implementing the simplest code that an application allows. Troubleshooters greatly appreciate that at 3 a.m.!

Guiding principles in our programs:

  • Organized task, program, and routine structure
  • Logic that is as simple as an application allows
  • Meaningful tag names and descriptions
  • Rung comments that explain program concepts

This is the type of organization and clarity you can expect from our programs:
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Good programmers make machines work. Great programmers make machines work and easy to operate. The best programmers make the machines work and easy to operate, but also make them easy to troubleshoot for both operators and electricians.
— RAMZ Controls