Panelview- Pesky Green 'Input Focus' Highlight Box

When cruising through Panelview applications, I often find screens that have a green highlight box on one of the input fields.  While this distraction is minor, it is a simple fix that should be corrected.

Notice the green box highlighting the speed input of CONV #1.


To turn the highlight box off, open the display window in FactoryTalk View Studio, right click on the display background and select 'Display Settings...'.  Under the Behavior tab, check the 'Disable Highlight When Object Has Focus' box.

Background - Input Focus

The concept of Input Focus has more value in non-touchscreen applications, especially when a keyboard is involved.  Operators can use the keyboard tab or arrow keys to navigate to different inputs and the highlight box shows which input their keyboard is able to effect. 

There is also the potential to utilize Input Focus in touchscreen applications if you want to use one set of navigation buttons on multiple lists.  Allen Bradley uses the below example: 

This could be done in situations with extreme screen real estate limitations, but is highly discouraged due to the confusion associated with having to press what you want to control first, before using the arrows.